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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

There are two main ways you can get involved with Aggie Nations: Host Group Member or Host Group Leader. Host Group Leaders apply and are chosen at the end of the spring semester. Host Group Membership is decided at the beginning of the Fall Semester, however, we make exceptions for certain students that want to join throughout the year. Please navigate to the contact page, if that is you!

Host Groups are meant to be a home away from home! If you are interested in leading one of these groups, look for our Host Group Leader application.

Is Aggie Nations a religious organization?

Aggie Nations is a non-religious student organization. Students from any religion are welcome!

Does Aggie Nations have events over Winter or Summer break?

Currently we do not put on any events during breaks, however, we do connect students with opportunities over breaks. This has looked like being hosted by families during Thanksgiving or Christmas. We are working to make this a possibility.

Does Aggie Nations require dues (money) to be a member?

No! Aggie Nations is a completely free involvement at Texas A&M. We even sponsor food or events at our Host Groups! We will never ask for your money. However, if you want to donate or purchase Aggie Nations merch, this helps us keep our organization funded!

Click this link to donate:

Where can I report concerns about Aggie Nations or its members?

We pride ourselves on being a welcoming, hospitable and inclusive environment. If you ever feel uncomfortable with anything that has happened within the context of Aggie Nations, please fill out our contact form to let us know the issue.

If you are concerned about anonymity, you can add your name as "John Doe" with a fake email and phone number. We will not be able to get back to you, but we can assure you that every report is taken very seriously.

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